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Image Name Price Description
Doc Hudson 9,878 Doc Hudson is a car of few words but many talents. He not only serves as the town judge, he's also Radiator Springs' resident doctor.
Lightning McQueen 10,122 Lightning is a red racecar sponsored by Rust-eze Medicated Bumper Ointment. McQueen's model is a 2005-2006 handbuilt stock racing car - one of a kind
Tow Mater 5,030 Mater's lived in Radiator Springs his whole life. In his younger days, he used to be a real handful around town, playing pranks on everyone, tippin' tractors, saying inappropriate things at the wrong time, but luckily he's matured a lot since then.
Chick Hicks 2,010 Chick Hicks is a racing veteran with a chip on his shoulder, a ruthless competitor who has cheated his way into more second-place finishes than any other car.